Drug Treatment Centers West Orange (973) 396-1396 Alcohol Rehab
Drug Treatment Centers West Orange (973) 396-1396 Alcohol Rehab
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Drug Treatment Centers West Orange (973) 396-1396

Drug Treatment Centers West Orange treat a variety of addictions, ranging from alcoholism to heroin addiction.  Our facility is a holistic multi-modal drug rehab that provides personalized addiction and mental health care. Drug Treatment Centers West Orange not only provide a medical detoxification and clinical therapy, but also holistic therapies like music therapy, meditation and yoga, nutritional instruction and sports.

We want the patients of Drug Treatment Centers West Orange to enter our facility and walk out the other side not only drug free, but prepared for a life of recovery in the outside world.  We believe in providing highly tailored treatment rather than group and collectivize our methodologies.

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Drug dependency can be physical, psychological, or both.  Drugs like cocaine have a strong psychological dependency but will not, for example, cause the patient to display the strong flu-like symptoms associated with withdrawal from heroin or oxycodone if the addict attempts to suspend use.  It will, however, create anxiety, depression and other symptoms that occur when an individual attempts to cease use of this powerful drug.

What Treatments are Available?

Treatment will have to address the two-step nature of the problem. This is realized by three methods of treatment.

  • Psychopharmacology:  After detoxification, the patient is evaluated by healthcare professionals specifically trained in recognizing aspects of the mental health condition/ addiction that can be treated with drugs.  Some detoxifications require certain drugs to ensure safety.  Afterwards many of the mental disorders associated with addiction are greatly improved with the proper medicine.
  • Psychotherapy:  This includes both group and individual therapy for addiction and underlying mental health problems. Therapy will generally be very goal oriented and in large part will be educational.  Learning how to positively react to stressors and what types of thought processes can lead to relapse will be made clear.
  • Behavioral management:  The emphasis is on patient’s future actions, exchanging unhealthy behaviors for healthy ones.  How the addict deals with anger is analyzed.  Certain types of psychotherapy can also provide beneficial therapy, such as art therapy can often be a healthy alternative to more destructive responses. Restorative yoga is also suggested for stress management.

Aftercare services after treatment.

Support groups, like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) are a helpful tool in aftercare, as well as regular follow-ups with a mental health provider.  Addiction is not a curable disease; after completing drug addiction treatment, continued work with therapy and support are necessary for sustained recovery.  Immediately after treatment the patient needs a strong support system to encourage continued abstinence and avoiding a relapse.

Through the course of our medical treatment and recovery programs we do, however, promote alcohol/drug recovery methodology of relapse prevention because evidentially this has been highly successful in maintaining sobriety.  At a very high level this is a process where the addict identifies those areas of his or her life where addiction was prevalent.  For some it may be holidays with the parents, others may find their job an addiction trigger.

Identifying these areas, times, people, or events helps the addict to plan and restructure their post-rehab life in such a way as to either avoid those situations, or where unavoidable to create coping mechanisms and alternative routines that will break up the memories of drug use and provide some outlet to fill the time or engage the mind.

Call Drug Treatment Centers West Orange today at (973) 396-1396 and get your life back from chemical dependency. Even if you’ve tried and failed before it’s okay.  You can try again and this time you will have the experience of what went wrong before to bring with you.

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West Orange is a township in New Jerseys Essex County where around 46,000 people live today. Situated in an area that is flanked by the South Mountain Reservation and the Eagle Rock Reservation. The convergence of low-lying valley and mountainous terrain makes for an stimulating topography. Downtown West Orange sits in the low basin where the home of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, the municipal building and police headquarters are located. Downtown West Orange has a typical urban American town ambience while the Valley area has a growing arts district and a large African American community.

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