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Because substance abuse and addiction are chronic diseases, they often require a variety of approaches to help a person achieve and maintain sobriety. While a detoxification approach may be the initial step, addiction recovery programs can be a long-term solution to help a person stay sober.

Addiction recovery programs are those that are dedicated to helping a person continue a life free from drug and alcohol abuse. Our programs at our centers in West Orange can include anything from an art therapy class to an all-female or all-male group therapy session.

One of the most common frameworks associated with addiction recovery programs is the 12-step model. This model is most well-known for its use in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, but it is actually the foundation for hundreds of programs that help people recover from substance abuse, gambling addiction and more.

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Why are 12-step Programs Beneficial?

A 12-step addiction recovery program is a methodical way for a person to accept that he or she has a substance abuse problem and requires the assistance of others to successfully beat an addiction. This program also encourages a person to be accountable to others for past wrongdoings and to take steps to mend broken relationships, whenever possible and beneficial. These programs also often involve finding a sponsor that can act as a recovery mentor and encouragement for a person struggling with addiction.

What is Addiction Treatment Therapy?

Addiction treatment therapy takes its basis from scientific research that has proven what treatments have historically worked the best in helping a person overcome a drug and/or alcohol addiction. Behavioral treatments are the most commonly incorporated therapy in most addiction recovery programs because they help a person struggling with addiction learn new ways to resist drugs and alcohol, identify behaviors and ways of thinking that can lead to relapse and how to take care of one’s self without turning to drugs or alcohol as a physical or emotional crutch.

Each individual substance abuse treatment therapy often incorporates some aspect of behavioral therapy into its methods. Examples of these individual treatment programs include:

  • Art therapy, where a person uses artistic mediums, such as painting, drawing or sculpting to express himself or herself in a positive way while also relieving stress.
  • Group meetings, such as meetings for those addicted to a particular substance, gender-specific meetings or group meetings that may incorporate a loved one, such as a significant other or parent.
  • General spirituality groups, which incorporate a spiritual aspect of recognizing a higher power into a person’s treatment plan.
  • Restorative yoga, which serves as a way for a person to use his or her body in a positive and healthy manner while also learning stress relief techniques, such as deep breathing.

Principles of effective treatment

Effective treatments in addiction recovery programs are those that contribute to an individual’s sobriety instead of hindering it. To be effective, a treatment program must appeal to and apply to the individual. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. At our West Orange drug treatment centers, we work with clients to find the approach or approaches via addiction recovery programs that can benefit them the most.

It’s true that some people respond to drug and alcohol treatment better than others. This is often a matter of helping a person find not only the motivation to stay sober, but also the programs that can inspire a person to keep going and keep resisting drug and alcohol abuse. Drug Treatment Centers West Orange offer a wide variety of addiction recovery programs. Call us today at (973) 396-1396 to get started.

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