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Individuals who have no control over substances they are using have a medical condition called addiction. Addicts develop both a physical and mental dependence on substances. People can also be addicted to activities such as shopping or exercise. Drug rehab is needed for those addicted to substances.

As with other chronic diseases, addiction cycles between relapse and remission. If an addict does not get treatment, they can eventually die from their sickness. Drug Treatment Centers West Orange can help you get your life back. Call us at (973) 396-1396 to learn about our drug rehab programs.

Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is a course of medical and psychological treatment conducted in a treatment center. By administering rehab plans, people seeking recovery from drugs or alcohol are helped to break the cycle of addiction. Most people can’t stop or decrease substance use on their own.

How does Addiction Form?

Addictions usually develop over time. It then becomes harder to recognize the problem because of the gradual appearance.

The stages of addiction include:

  • Experimentation – The person tries a substance or acts out a behavior out of curiosity or for recreational purposes.
  • Misuse – The person uses the substance or behavior to experience happiness, relaxation, popularity, control or as a reality escape.
  • Abuse – The substance use or behavior is pursued to continue these feelings.
  • Addiction – Over time, the behavior or substance becomes the most important thing in life, with other significant parts of life now neglected or abandoned.

Why do Some People Become Addicted and Others Don’t?

There are three main areas that determine whether a person will become addicted or not. The more characteristics a person has under each main factor, the more vulnerable the person will be to developing an addiction. People who develop an addiction possess more risk factors compared to someone who can misuse and not develop addiction problems.

  • Body: Genetics combined with environment make up about 50 percent of addiction vulnerability. Other factors in this area are gender, ethnicity and existing mental disorders and physical illnesses.
  • Environment: Various factors in a person’s environment influence addiction vulnerability, including family, friends, socioeconomic status, quality of life, peer pressure, physical and sexual abuse, stress, parents and childhood upbringing.
  • Development: The earlier drug use starts in someone’s life, the higher the chances substance use will progress to more serious abuse. A teenager’s brains isn’t completely developed regarding decision-making, judgment, and self-control, they are significantly vulnerable to risky behaviors, including experimenting with alcohol or drugs of abuse.

Addiction statistics for New Jersey

According to the NSDUH (National Survey on Drug Use and Health), about 5 or 6 percent of people over 26 years of age living in New Jersey reported illicit drug use from 2012 – 2013.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Symptoms

  • Using substances on a regular basis
  • Powerful cravings for substances
  • Increasing amounts needed of the substance to feel the same effects
  • More time spent to get adequate supplies of substance
  • Money spent on substances regularly despite no financial means
  • Missing work, school, social or recreational activities due to substance use
  • Deception and theft to obtain substances
  • Risky behaviors while under the influence
  • Trying to stop using, but keeps failing
  • Withdrawal symptoms manifest when intake level is decreased or abruptly stopped

Finding Drug Rehab

Our drug and alcohol treatment centers in West Orange have the qualified staff and cutting edge technologies to help people obtain and maintain sobriety. We offer a supervised medical detox, intensive therapies and aftercare services to maximize the possibilities of successful sobriety. We ensure everyone has a comprehensive and customized treatment plan tailored to their needs.

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